educating the children"

"Providing hope, 


1 Backpack -   $30


2 Backbacks - $60


3 Backpacks - $90


4 Backpacks - $120



Every child has the right to enjoy the common good and a basic wellness; i.e. health, education, housing and everything that could ensure a successful future. 
Since 2012, Extreme Rescues in partnership with Hope of Life, has been providing assistance to more than 800 children in several villages in Guatemala, Central America. Thanks to the support of generous people like you, they now have daily food, clothing and medical care but we need to reinforce their education by providing the necessary supplies to attend classes during the 2016 school year.
This project provides an opportunity to forming well prepared men and women  spiritually, physically, emotionally and academically so that one day they can contribute to making this world a better place.



For this reason we invite you
 to be part of this Project:


Inside each backpack we can place school supply according to the age of each child. 


- Line paper notebook
- Grid paper notebook
- Sketchbook 
- Pencil 
- Sharpener 
- Eraser
- Blue pen
- Black pen 
- Red pen
- Ruler
- Glue
- Crayons
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