Poverty is not only found in pockets, but in the minds. We have determined that to solve the problem of poverty, we have to educate the people.
More than 400 students are walking the halls of Liberty College, all happy to be there and eager to learn! Many are there on a full scholarship, so the lack of finances is never an excuse for them to not receive the education they deserve . The rest of our students include children from high class families, who are sent there to receive the best education in the country and to learn alongside children from the poorest families and children of our own orphanage.
To date, over 3,000 students have graduated from our school and we plan to build a University on the base in order to help the children in furthering their education.
It costs an average of $ 20,000 to provide an educational system within a community of 200-500 families for a minimum of 2 years. Help us in this cause with a donation. 
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