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More than 1,000 children will be rescued this year from the brink of death by our team at Hope of Life. These children will have such severe malnutrition that their bodies will be deteriorated, their skin gray, their arms and legs just bone and their hair will be falling. These children do not cry, in fact, they cant even move, they are too weak and listless with hunger. Each rescue is a race against time and sadly, not all rescues are able to save every child.
The San Lucas Hospital is a dream in the making with the intent to provide low cost health care for children and families. We provide care through health screening services, mobile clinics, immunization programs, health education and treatment of serious medical conditions. The dream is to accommodate hundreds of patients, provide comprehensive emergency services and to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week .
The new six-story hospital is located within our base. The opening of the San Lucas Hospital, greatly increased the number of children we are able to rescue and gives us a place where we can provide the best possible medical care in emergency situations.  It takes thousands of dollars a day to keep it running. Donors like you make a difference every day contributing to this cause.
It costs an average of $ 20,000 to establish a medical care system within a community of 200-500 families for a minimum of 2 years. Help us in this cause with a donation.


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